How to do a Practical Lean Business Plan in Four Easy Steps

Business owner doing the books at a restaurantOne of the most common reasons for business owners not getting the benefit of business planning is putting off doing a plan because it seems too hard. People still think of a business plan as a big formal document, hard to do, and — sadly — not worth the effort. But what they miss with that attitude is the lean planning that could steer their business better.

Here's how to do a lean business plan in four easy steps:

  1. Strategy is Focus
  2. Tactics to Match Strategy
  3. Specifics on What, When, and How Much
  4. Essential Numbers


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About Tim Berry

Tim Berry is founder and Chairman of Palo Alto Software and Stanford MBA. Married 46 years, father of 5. Author of business plan software Business Plan Pro and and books including his latest, 'Lean Business Planning,' 2015, Motivational Press.