How to Get Past the Fear of Buying a Franchise

By: Joel Libava 07/01/2019

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FranchiseBefore I share my ideas on how you can get past your fear of buying a franchise, I need to address this issue:

It’s perfectly normal to have feelings of fear when you’re thinking about buying a franchise. Let’s see if I can help alleviate some of these fears for you.

  • Transition Fears
  • Financial Fears
  • Fear of Failure

Transition Fears

You’re probably worried about the transition you’ll be making if you decide to move forward with the franchise opportunity you’re interested in.

The transition I’m referring to is from employee to employer. And it’s a big one.

The reason it’s so big is because of all the responsibilities you’ll have as the owner of a franchise.

Financial Fears

Investments can be risky. That includes an investment in a franchise business.

The fact is, you can lose your money in a franchise business. That’s because franchising isn’t perfect.

Fear of Failure

This fear tends to rear its ugly head right when you’re about to make your yes or no decision on the franchise opportunity you’ve been investigating. But don’t kid yourself; this fear has been a part of your psyche ever since you had your first call with franchise headquarters. 

That said, what if you do fail? What will happen?



Business, How To, SBA, Guest Blog, Business Owners, Franchise

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