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BBB Warning Travelers of Vacation Deal Scams


Most people know that the best travel and vacation deals are found when you finalize your reservations as early as possible. Scammers know this too and this is likely the reason why since the start of 2019, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has already received 91 reports on Scam Tracker from across North America, with over $22.6 million lost.
Most travelers are aware that by booking their reservations as early as possible, they can get better deals. But the BBB warns scammers are exploiting that trend and targeting consumers through social media, pop-up advertisements and unsolicited phone calls.
“Travel scams can range from flight and vacation packages with prices that are too good to be true, to scammers impersonating reputable travel service businesses and consumers submitting personal information to a fake website,” says Karla Davis, Manager of Community and Public Relations at BBB. “Many of the reports we have received show where consumers are losing over $2,500”.
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