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Email Alert About Your Flight? It Could Be a Scam


By Rachel Gelb on 08/13/2019

BBB Warns 'Expedia' Imposters Stealing Thousands From Consumers

A network of scammers is using Expedia Group’s name to take consumers for thousands of dollars. Better Business Bureau serving the Northwest and Pacific has received several reports in just the past several days from consumers who’ve lost as much as $3,700.

By International Association of Better Business Bureaus on 07/22/2019

Scam Alert: Don’t Click on These Phony Office Emails

Look out for this new phishing email that’s so convincing it almost fooled BBB staff! This message looks just like an alert for a new voicemail message. But as always, it’s really a way to trick you into giving up personal information or downloading malware onto your computer.

By The Council of Better Business Bureaus on 05/16/2019

BBB Serving Eastern MA, ME, RI & VT Announces Area's Top Scams of 2018

Reports to BBB Scam Tracker confirmed that online purchase scams were the top scams present in Eastern MA, ME, RI & VT in 2018. The list was compiled based on more than 800 scam reports filed by consumers in the area on Not of all of the consumers that reported these scams lost money, as many recognized the scam before being victimized, but reported them to help warn others.

By Shannon Boyle on 01/03/2019

Received an Unexpected Apple Purchase Email? It Could Contain Malware

Do you have an iTunes account? A recent phishing scam is making the rounds, notifying you of a recent “purchase” associated with your Apple ID. The fake email requests you to open an attached document in order to to cancel the purchase in hopes of retrieving your financial and personal information.

Phishing scams look like legitimate emails, and they’re getting more sophisticated every day. However, this "Apple" email has several markings of a scam and contains the typical red flags. Read the full article to learn more.


By Shannon Boyle on 10/18/2018

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